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 Nuevo anime en TV de evangelion

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MensajeTema: Nuevo anime en TV de evangelion 01/07/11, 11:56 am


Google translated :3 :
Be released in anticipation of a new future, "Evangelion" series
Needs. Eva revamped the impression of the past, a completely different movement started ticking
Part 1 of "meta-mechanism", following Part 2 "broken" road show broadcast on Friday that decision?
"Evangelion: Fracture TV series" and is is a debut TV. Story
I rush into the unexplored regions of good yes. And power of the popular character Asuka
Evangelion Unit-2 aircraft, and new Evangerio new heroine and Mali
Unit-05 FINALLY, temporary application. Items appearing one after another and no one knows, the mystery
Enemy body "Apostles" and will continue to escalate the fight against violent. And News
Pulley, to overwhelm the viewer a series of new visuals, but all common sense shoe
The example "destruction". The emergence of threats, and 刮目 wait in front of TV!


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MensajeTema: Re: Nuevo anime en TV de evangelion 01/07/11, 04:15 pm


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Nuevo anime en TV de evangelion

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