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 windows7 ist gut!

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MensajeTema: windows7 ist gut! 23/10/09, 01:45 pm

Windows is Good,
Si no me creen miren a Linus Tolvards en el estreno de ventas de windows7 en japon!

"Microsoft tried to torpedo the success of the Japan Linux Symposium by launching their Windows 7 product that same day. They even had setup a big promotion booth across the street from the conference center.

During a break, we decided to make some fun of Microsoft and dragged Linus over there. When we arrived there, Linus was sold immediately on the product as you can see in the picture. At least that's what the sales guy thought. He obviously had no idea who he was dealing with. But in the end Linus surprisingly did not buy a copy. Wise man!"

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windows7 ist gut!

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